Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift, SALE! Abstract brass necklace with faux leather and pearls



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brass leatherbar leatherstatement leatherchoker leathernecklace. leatherThis leathernecklace leatherfeatures leathera leatherfaux leatherleather leatherpiece leatherunder leathera leatherbrass leathersheet leatheraccented leatherwith leatherone leathergrey leatherfreshwater leatherpearl leatherand leathertwo leathersmall leatherwhile leatherfreshwater leatherpearls. leatherThe leatherchoker leatheris leatherapproximately leather6 leatherinches leatherin leatherdiameter leatherand leatherthe leatherpendant leathermeasures leatherapproximately leather2 leatherinches leatherin leatherlength. leatherThank leatheryou leatherfor leathervisiting leathermy leathershop!On leathersale leatherfor leathera leatherlimited leathertime! leather$10 leatheroff leathernormal leatherprice!

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