Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hand drawn, Bitty Kitty Necklace



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Let hand drawnthe hand drawntiniest hand drawnkitty hand drawncome hand drawnalong hand drawnwith hand drawnyou hand drawnon hand drawnyour hand drawndaily hand drawnadventures. hand drawnThis hand drawn hand drawnpendant hand drawnis hand drawnmade hand drawnfrom hand drawnpolystyrene hand drawnplastic hand drawnand hand drawnmeasures hand drawnapproximately hand drawn.5" hand drawnwide hand drawnby hand drawn.25" hand drawntall. hand drawnThe hand drawnchain hand drawnit hand drawnhangs hand drawnfrom hand drawnis hand drawnabout hand drawn18." hand drawnIt hand drawnwill hand drawnbe hand drawnshipped hand drawnto hand drawnyou hand drawnin hand drawna hand drawnlittle hand drawnbox hand drawninside hand drawna hand drawnbubble hand drawnmailer hand drawnto hand drawnavoid hand drawndamage hand drawnto hand drawnthe hand drawnitem.

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