Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Brooch and Clip Earrings Setearrings, Stunning Blues



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This emeraldset emeraldis emeraldone emeraldof emeraldthose emeraldselections emeraldthat emeraldspark emeralda emerald"Wow!" emerald emeraldAlthough emeraldthese emeraldpieces emeraldare emeraldunsigned, emerald emeraldthe emeraldstones emeraldare emeraldof emeraldhigh emeraldquality. emeraldThe emeraldBrooch emeraldincludes emeraldswirl emeraldand emeraldblue emeraldteardrops, emerald emeralda emeraldring emeraldof emeraldemerald emeraldcut emeraldblue emeraldglass emeraldand emeraldcentered emeraldwith emeralda emeraldround emeraldAB emeraldstone. emerald emeraldThe emeraldstones emeraldare emeraldprong emeraldset emeraldin emeraldgold emeraldtone emeraldmetal. emeraldThe emeraldBrooch emeraldmeasures emerald1.5" emeraldacross emeraldand emeraldis emeraldslightly emeralddomed. emerald emeraldThe emerald1 emerald3/8"long.\rSee emeraldshop emeraldpolicies emeraldfor emeraldshipping emeraldoutside emeraldthe emeraldUnited emeraldStates.

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